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Belated Christmas

We got to celebrate our belated Christmas- I got the most beautiful infinity bracelet!



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100 Days

So much has happened in 100 days. We celebrated many holidays…Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years; we survived Hurricane Sandy (which was 3 months ago- I can’t believe it!), I started my own etsy shop; and so much more. One thing that hasn’t happened in 100 days? I haven’t seen my fiance for that long. This is the longest we’ve been apart, but that comes to an end tonight when I pick him up from the airport! He’ll spend a few days in NJ with myself and my family while we celebrate some belated holidays and try to cram in as much wedding planning as we can in 4 days.



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Frozen In Time

I don’t think temperatures have gone above 20* the past few days, so I shouldn’t have been surprised when Phriend and I went over to Seaside and saw that the bay was frozen. We pulled over after we had gone over the bridge and walked around the frozen bay front and found this boat that probably washed ashore during Hurricane Sandy, and now sits there frozen in time…literally.



Personalized Wedding Forks

With 185 days to go until our wedding, it’s time to start crossing all those crafty items I want to make off my list. I started simple- with some “Mr. and Mrs.” metal stamped forks. I scored a huge bag of antique flatware (I think it’s real silver!) at a thrift store for $5 and used two forks to make some forks for our wedding. I plan on stamping the rest of the silverware and selling it in my Etsy shop.