Kiddie Ferris Wheel


Today Phriend and I headed back to Seaside to photograph the damage yet again– this was her second time since Hurricane Sandy and my third time, and we were lucky we had been there prior, because today the beach and boardwalk were heavily guarded by cops. I was, however, finally able to get a picture of these cars that were previously on the kiddie ferris wheel but have washed up a few blocks away on the beach. These pictures are from two vantage points- one from a rooftop bar that had it’s outdoor patio open and the other from the street (and right behind the police line…).1DSC_8235_6_7_tonemapped


Aside note:
Last year I took a Crave Photography class (One of the best decisions ever!) and now she’s doing a giveaway to win one of her mentoring sessions and a 50mm 1.4 lens (!!!!!)
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2 thoughts on “Kiddie Ferris Wheel

  1. Glad we got back over. I am sure there will be many more photos to come as we watch the rebuilding. It is amazing how much clean up has been done since we were last there.

  2. Nice angles. Glad they were still there. The one I took in Seaside Park had been picked up right away.

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