My First Newborn Photoshoot


Yesterday, I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph a friend’s newborn baby– it was my first newborn shoot, and to be honest, I had no idea what to expect. We both scoured the internet for inspiration, but to be honest, we just let the baby do his thing, and I tried my best to capture his many expressions. He really is too cute for words, and no photograph will ever capture that, but I do love what I was able to capture!

There were too many favorites for me– so I made two collages, one of color pictures and one of black and whites.




3 thoughts on “My First Newborn Photoshoot

  1. Beautiful baby! And I love the look of the new blog! Yup I’m somewhat back into blogging, but I’m trying to not to stress about it too much. I considered doing another project 365 but decided against, and am just trying to take pics every day when I can. Love your photos! Glad to see you on here and on Instagram!

  2. Wow! The black and whites are so soft. The wedding rings on the toes picture is very unique. Best of luck in your new career photographing children! Excellent work, as usual.

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