I’ve mentioned many times that I have a looooong bucket list. And believe it or not, I have steadily been crossing items off of it! One of the many items on my list is to attempt glassblowing. I’ve done glass fusing, but I’ve never blown my own glass. For Christmas, my mom got me a gift certificate to a glassblowing studio, and today I went and made a glass blown snowman! I can’t pick it up until next week (the glass was 2100* when I was working with it– it takes awhile to cool down!), but you can bet I’ll show it off when I get it home!
It was definitely a fun experience, and something I’d love to do again!



2 thoughts on “Glassblowing

  1. Wow! That is something that would have never crossed my mind. You definitely got some extra genes on learning and creativity, that is for sure! So great that you try all of these things. Looking forward to seeing the finished product. Go girl!

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