Texture Tuesday


It’s been awhile since I participated in Texture Tuesday, but this dried up reed (that I shot with my Lensbaby of course!) begged to be textured! I used the “Edward” texture from Kim Klassen Cafe




9 thoughts on “Texture Tuesday

  1. Each time I see a Lensbaby image, I’m so tempted to add it to my inventory, but I’m resisting for awhile. I LOVE macro images of “off-season” plants such as this.

  2. Really nice work with the photo and the texture!

  3. I like everything about this image. Very nice!

  4. You got a lensbaby! I’m sooo jealous! the pics look amazing!

  5. Replying to your comment about my grove of poplar trees in Eastern Oregon: Yes, there aren’t too many routes to Spokane from Washington! I live almost due south of Spokane in Oregon, and I’ve been traveling I-84 “forever.” A “Jersey girl”? I have a friend who lives in Mt. Laurel, and my oldest son lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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