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Quiet Contemplation

Contemplating Life



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Trivia Night

One of our favorite things to do is trivia night- a local restaurant holds weekly live trivia and whenever I’m in Washington, we get together with another couple and go. We’ve held our own against those teams who never miss a week, but we’ve never won. Before tonight, the closest we came was 4th place….but I bet those back in NJ could hear our cheers tonight when we found out we came in first place!!



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Peek A Boo

When my fiance and I decided on an apartment, we didn’t take into account that there were train tracks a few hundred feet from our room…. now, about 10 times a day we are treated to the sound of a train whizzing by. I’ve finally gotten used to it enough where I don’t wake up in the middle of the night, and I’ve even come to appreciate it for it’s photographic value. Today, I noticed that after it passed us by, there’s a little clearing in the woods where you can see it again for a split second, so I set the camera near the living room window so the next time it came by, I could grab a shot of it.


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Monroe Street Bridge

I’m pretty sure this is the third time I’ve posted a picture of the Monroe Street Bridge, but it wasn’t the plan. We went to the waterfalls to take a gondola ride, but they closed just as we walked up. So instead, we went for a walk through the park, and walked across the Monroe Street Bridge, which had some awesome views of the Spokane Falls!