Craft Store Crawl


Most people my age get excited over weekend bar crawls, but not me- I was super stoked to try out my idea for a Craft Store Crawl. I mapped out 9 stores in a 3 mile radius and set out to shop at all of them in one day.

…yes. I finished. And yes….I’m a dork.

Six fabric stores, one beading shop, one craft store and one gone-out-of-business quilt shop (oops!). Check!



2 thoughts on “Craft Store Crawl

  1. You are too much! Congratulations. Did you buy something in every store?

    • Haha! No, thankfully I did not!
      I did have a mission and a reason for going to all these stores– I was looking for satin in three very specific colors for a wedding project I’m doing, and I figured this was the place to look because we have very few fabric stores in NJ! I only bought fabric at 2 of the stores (which is saying a lot for me!)

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