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We can’t live in eastern Washington and not give skiing a try! I’ve been skiing a handful of times, but my fiance has never been, but this weekend, we crossed it off his bucket list. We planned a weekend getaway at Silver Mountain Ski Resort in Idaho. The resort came reccomended from a few friends– mainly because the hotel doesn’t just have a pool, but an entire indoor waterpark! (More about that tomorrow!).
This resort is also unique in that it is situated in the valley, and there’s a 20 minute gondola ride to get to the actual skiing mountain. When we arrived, it was a bit overcast, and slightly warm, but about halfway through our gondola ride, it got really dense with fog and the gondola started swaying from all the wind. I’m not going to lie– I was hanging on for dear life!
Somehow we made it to the top, and to the bunny hill in one piece. It took me a few runs down the hill to remember how it’s all done, but my poor fiance spent most of that first hour falling down. After lunch, we got gutsy and headed down our first real trail. It was sooo windy and rainy, but the scenery was priceless!
I’m happy to say that we both loved it and are already looking into season passes for next year!





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