Happy Easter!


When I was little, it was always our families tradition to go to the Seaside boardwalk on Easter. We’d go play some games, walk on the beach, visit the Easter bunny, etc. After many years of not doing that, two years ago, we reinstituted that tradition and spent a warm Easter wandering the boardwalk once again.
This year, however, was a little bit different. With much of the boardwalk gone, there wasn’t much wandering to be had, but surprisingly, the rebuilding effort has really taken off, with a portion of the boardwalk open and ready for business.

Since I’m sure you’re tired of seeing my pictures of the devistation in Seaside here’s a picture of something that survived– this beautiful carousel was back open and ready for riders!  Not too many people were riding it, so I played with some panning.


Obligitory roller coaster in the water pic.  Just kidding (sort of).  One of the reasons we went is because they were selling bolts of one of the other destroyed roller coasters as a fund raiser.  My sister is an engineer and hopes to design roller coasters someday, so she just had to have a bolt.  Here’s a picture of them sitting on some of the new pilings that were put in for the boardwalk rebuilding.


One of the pier amusement areas was open, and in the back they had a window out to the ocean where you could get a better view of the destroyed amusement pier.  I can’t believe this ferris wheel (the subject of so many of my pictures!) is still standing with half of it in the ocean!



2 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. You got some great shots to record the history of your family tradition. Excellent job on the panning as usual with that steady hand of yours!

  2. Awesome picture of the horse! love the movements

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