Washington DC

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I’ve got a jam-packed weekend ahead of me! My fiancé is in town (wooooo!!!!) and we’ve got back to back weddings to attend this weekend– one on Saturday and one immediately following on Sunday (over 6 hours away from each other– eek!). I picked him up from the airport last night, and today we drove down to Washington DC with my family. Our first wedding is just outside of DC, but we decided to head down a day early to do the tourist-y thing since we haven’t been here in awhile. In a matter of 6 hours we saw the Jefferson Memorial, the one cherry blossom tree still in bloom down at the basin, the FDR memorial, Martin Luther King monument, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, two Smithsonian museums (American History and Air and Space) and the Capital building. Whew! I’m exhausted just typing that!
On to a few pictures from the day!

Cherry blossoms!


Inside the Jefferson Memorial


FDR memorial


Martin Luther King monument.


Lincoln Memorial




One thought on “Washington DC

  1. Glad there was at least one tree! I see you found a blue sky too. You certainly made your rounds. Nice job on the photography. I like the angle of the FDR memorial war wall too. These shots make me want to go back again…..

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