Robins Egg


I was walking around the yard today looking for some flowers or something to photograph when I came across this robins egg.  I found the nest in the tree but there’s no other eggs (or mama bird!) inside anymore.  Anyone have an incubator so we can save this little guy?




2 thoughts on “Robins Egg

  1. Oh No! Ask Herb on Facebook. Maybe he has something. We had 3 deceased dove babies under our deck last week. They fell out of a nest built in the deck. The adults kept looking for them. It was so sad. Seems to be a theme lately with these poor birds/ducks!

  2. Oh how sad. That color of blue is just so pretty. We found a dead baby bird this week on the sidewalk and Coleen had to bury it in my flower bed. At least a cat didn’t eat it.

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