Spring has Sprung

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Spring is finally settling in around here– I can’t help but photograph every flower I come across because it means that the warmer weather is finally here!

I was out on my run this morning, when I passed by these tulips planted by the marquee outside of the local elementary school.  Part of me wanted to stop and take a cell phone shot, but these flowers deserved to be properly photographed, so after I got home and showered, I headed back out with the camera.  I must have been quite the sight laying there in the middle of the planter on the side of a semi-busy road!  But it was so worth it– and they say that mid-day sun is horrible to photograph in… I think it worked in this case– these tulips look like they are glowing! (I know it looks like I over-saturated them in Photoshop or something, but I barely did anything to them– this was really their color!)


I love the patriotic flag in the background 🙂


One thought on “Spring has Sprung

  1. They really do! I just saw them on Capture the Jersey Shore too. Nice job. Definitely worth the walk/drive back.

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