A Falling Star

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Today was a sad day in the fate of the Star Jet… an end of an era really. After almost 200 days (198 to be exact) of sitting in the ocean after Hurricane Sandy, they finally began to remove her today. It was a big day for the Jersey shore– first was a visit by Prince Harry, then the removal of the Star Jet, and finally (last picture below), there was a rare solar halo around the sun! I’m so glad I took the time to head over to Seaside today to photograph everything. I have pictures of the Star Jet coaster throughout the months (ever since we were first allowed over to the island on December 17th!), that it only seemed appropriate that I document its removal as well.

1DSC_4406 1DSC_4430 1DSC_4537 1DSC_4538 1DSC_4289_90_91_fused


One thought on “A Falling Star

  1. Great shots Dana to document this event. You should share the solar halo with the news – Channels 7 and 12!

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