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Day two of our Memorial Day weekend trip was to Hersheypark. I’ve been visiting this park yearly since I was about 4 or 5- it’s crazy to think how I’ve seen this park grow and expand, but one thing will never change- the parks oldest wooden roller coaster, the Comet. I love this shot I took on the Comet at sunset! (And my sister thinks I’m nuts for carrying a camera on a coaster!)

Clearly, I’m a daredevil and like to carry my camera on roller coasters– this was taken from the top of my favorite roller coaster, the Lightning Racer, a dueling wooden coaster.

And last– this picture just cracks me up, my sister and I on the Wildcat, another wooden coaster, but this one is very rough, and according to the picture, hurts a lot!


One thought on “Hersheypark!

  1. Cool! Looks like you guys had a great time. How on earth did you get that shot on the coaster? Funny. The wooden coaster shot from up high is awesome!

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