A Happy Surprise


I love when things work out for the better and when my photo of the day is completely unexpected 🙂 Today was definitely that way. I was heading to the food store to do some food shopping for my mom (when I’d secretly rather be lying out in the pool), but I’m glad I obliged. I pulled into the parking lot and nearly hit another car when I spotted the Weinermobile on the other side of the parking lot! I parked as fast as I could and ran to the Weinermobile, getting out my camera and cell phone lenses as fast as I could. I think I startled the two “Hotdoggers” (the people who drive the Weinermobile) with my enthusiasm, but they were really friendly and struck up a conversation with me. I asked what time they’d be there until and when I found out they’d be there for another two hours I ran…. I did the food shopping in record time (I may have knocked over a person or two, but they can’t prove it), brought the groceries home and flew back to the parking lot with my SLR camera and arsenal of lenses. If the Hotdoggers thought I was nuts before, I certainly confirmed that when I returned and started setting up my shots. I took 2 gigs of pictures and stayed until after they left, but it totally made my day.


This is what the inside of a hot dog looks like 😉

I see it!!

Yes, I brought back my stuffed Weinermobile when I went back

And my favorite shot of the day– my two favorite vehicles 🙂


3 thoughts on “A Happy Surprise

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