Moon Motel


The Moon Motel looks like it’s been around since the 50’s. I tried to do some research on it, but came up with nothing. All I know is that I used to be obsessed with this sign when driving down Rt 9 when I was a kid. I absolutely love old signs, and this one is probably the one that started this obsession. When I drove by and saw that the motel was boarded up, I knew this sign’s days were numbered and I had to pull over to take a few pictures.


2 thoughts on “Moon Motel

  1. Wow, it’s coming down? You must have quite the collection of old signs! Good one.

  2. What a cool sign. Here’s a link that explains why the Motel was closed:
    If you Google Search the Moon Motel on Rt.9 Jersey Shore you should find more information.

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