Ces soirées-là {Oh What A Night}


Tonight was my bachelorette party! Anyone who knows me knows that drunken bars and strippers aren’t my thing, so we did something that is completely me- we went out for Sushi for dinner and then went to a minor-league baseball game, but it wasn’t any old game– first, my sister managed to get us to run in the “pork roll, egg and cheese” race! (In minor league baseball games they do silly little events between innings- because this is NJ, it would only be fitting that giant costumed pork roll, egg and cheese would run around the bases in a race!). My sister was the egg and I was the cheese- what an awesome experience!
Also at the game that night was Dennis Haskins, better known as Mr. Belding from the late 80’s/early 90’s show Saved By the Bell, so we got in line and got a photograph with him and his autograph!
We may not have stayed out until the sun came up partying, but I’d say it was a pretty perfect night!





3 thoughts on “Ces soirées-là {Oh What A Night}

  1. I follow your 365 (super excited for your upcoming wedding!) and despite how much I LOVE your photography, I’m obsessed with this post! My husband and I watch Saved by the Bell on a regular basis. I would have been so star struck to meet Mr. Belding!

  2. So cool! Now that is my type of bachelorette party! Glad you enjoyed.

  3. Very creative! I love that. Everybody is different and should do it their way.

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