Long Distance Relationship Bracelet

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Ever have a “duh” moment? As in “duh- why didn’t I think of that sooner”? My most popular item in my shop is my latitude and longitude necklace where I stamp the coordinates of your loved ones location onto a washer and hang it from a necklace. Recently, someone asked me if I could make it into a bracelet, and I did. Then came my “duh” moment- I already offer it in a keychain and necklace, why not sell it as a bracelet too? I listed it, and within 2 days had 4 sales from it. Why hadn’t I thought of it sooner? Duh!
You can purchase it here.



One thought on “Long Distance Relationship Bracelet

  1. Really great! I am going to forward your link to my godson’s wife. They are stationed in Florida now. He is a marine. His wife is very active with the marine families. Good luck!

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