Wienermobile Wedding!


This deserves its own post, because not only is one of the most epic things to happen to me, it’s also a long story, and I feel it needs to be explained/documented.
First, lets cut to the chase. After Michael and I got married, we exited our church for the receiving line, and waiting at the curb was our “limo” for the day….except it wasn’t of the long, white, stretch kind, it was of the big, orange hot dog kind! It was a big surprise to 99% of our guests (how I kept this a secret is beyond me!), so seeing their reactions as they walked out was priceless!

Seriously– how awesome do we look?

It was even a surprise to our wedding party who couldn’t stop talking about it!

The amazing Hotdoggers (that’s the term Oscar Mayer uses to describe the Wienermobile drivers) decorated the bun to read “just linked” for us!

My family

Riding in style!  The Wienermobile took my husband and I from the church to our reception.  The best part was looking at the window and watching the surprised reactions of the motorists as we drove by.  I felt like a celebrity as I waved to everyone driving by as they leaned out their car windows taking pictures of us.  (And no- surprisingly, I didn’t witness any accidents as these drivers paid more attention to us than the road!)

A huge huge shoutout to our chauffeurs for the day, Molly and Steve- they were awesome! Down to earth, friendly, and obviously, great drivers! It was so great to hear about their life on the road, how they got this amazing job, and some of the sights they’ve seen in their job.


We loved them so much, we invited them into our cocktail hour where pigs in a blanket were being served in their honor!

And now onto the story on how this all came to be.
At the end of June, I ran into Molly and Steve at the Shop Rite in Lacey where they were stopped for the afternoon with the Wienermobile. I was pretty sure that I had scared them as I ran up to the Wienermobile grabbing cameras and lenses out of my purse and taking pictures, but they assured me I wasn’t nuts. (Click Here to see pictures from that day) I spent quite a bit of time with them, talking, and I explained how the Wienermobile was my dream car and how I was getting married the following month and joked that the Wienermobile would be my dream limo. The two hotdoggers looked at each other and exchanged a glance, and before I knew it, I was given a card with an email address where I could request the Wienermobile for an event. It was a long shot, but I was on such a hot dog high that I decided to give it a try, and went home to promptly write a letter. Once I started writing, the words were flowing and before I knew it I had a one page essay full of corny hot dog puns. I sent it off, but got an auto-reply saying I had to apply at least three months in advance. I really never expected this to all work so I wasn’t too dissapointed.
A few weeks later, Oscar Mayer started their summer Wienermobile promotion called the Wienermobile Run where they’re pitting the six Wienermobiles against each other in different “challenges” during the summer. They asked for user-submitted challenges, so I thought “what the heck” and I submitted my essay again.
I was ecstatic when a week before our wedding I got an email from Oscar Mayer asking if they could contact me to discuss the timeline of my wedding because they were interested in possibly showing up! I went back and forth with their representative and got the final confirmation that they would be coming on the Monday before the wedding. Believe me when I said I was dancing around screaming when I found out this amazing news! Somehow I managed to keep it a secret from almost everyone (including my husband-to-be…. I only told him 4 days before the wedding!). The rest is history. The hotdoggers planned their day perfectly and drove up just before we exited the church so they were there and waiting for us as we left. They handed out Wiener Whistles to our guests, and my mom even got the crowd to sing “Oh I Wish I Were An Oscar Mayer Wiener” as we toasted our champagne glasses.
It really is a day we will not soon forget!

Below, I copied and pasted the email that I sent off to Oscar Mayer that ultimately got us the Wienermobile as our wedding car.

Yesterday, I was one lucky dog when I got the chance to meat the Wienermobile at my local food store in Lacey Township, New Jersey. I had a bunderful time ketch(ing)up with the two amazing Hotdoggers who drove the “Oh I Wish” Wienermobile. While I was hamming it up with them, I took a Wienermobile postcard and told them I was going to mail it to my fiancé who is currently deployed overseas. We got to talking and I mentioned how I’ve always claimed the Winermobile was my dream car and how obsessed I’ve been with it since I was just a cocktail wienie (little kid). I then told them that my fiancé and I would be getting linked (married) at the end of July and that I always joked that the Winermobile would be the perfect limo for our wedding. The two Hotdoggers exchanged a glance and before I knew it, I was given this email address to request the Winermobile for our wedding. I know the Hotdoggers spend a year away from their families and I think they felt for me when I told them how much time we have to spend apart while he is away defending our freedom. Even though our distance is bacon me crazy, I know it’ll all be worth it when he is home safe and sound and we can begin our lives together.

A little back story about us: My fiancé, Michael, and I have known each other since 5th grade, but college and his career in the Air Force meant that we hadn’t seen each other for years. Recently, we reconnected online, dated long distance for a year (he is stationed in WA, and I still live in our hometown in NJ), got engaged last May, and are now getting married on July 28th, 2013. He is a pilot in the Air Force and is currently deployed to Kyrgyzstan. He will be coming home 5 days before our wedding, and I’ve been planning our wedding while he is away. I am hand-making as much of our wedding as possible so that it will have a personal touch. I want our wedding day to be outside the bun, and I’d really relish the opportunity to get to ride shotbun on our wedding day!

I know the website states that you should apply at least 3 months in advance, but I just found out about it yesterday, so to help sway your decision for this last minute event meat-up, I present you with:

Top 5 Reasons Why the Wienermobile Should Show Up To Dana and Michael’s Wedding:

1. It would be a memory to relish for both of us (and our guests!)
2. How often does the Wienermobile say it got to toast its buns at the famous Jersey Shore?
3. The Wienermobile would look frank-tastic with a “Just Married” sign on its buns! Who ever sausage a thing?
4. We would have such a bunderful time taking the scenic-kraut from our ceremony to our reception!
5. Let’s face it. Who wouldn’t want to ride to their wedding in a Wienermobile? It would definitely spice up our wedding and I would be grilled if it showed up on July 28th to make some bunderful memories that we will treasure always.

I leave you with this:
Oh I wish I had the Oscar Mayer Wiener (mobile)
Come to our wedding in July-eye-eye
‘Cause if I had the Oscar Mayer Weiner (mobile)
I’d be one happy bride-ide-ide

Frank you very much,

4 thoughts on “Wienermobile Wedding!

  1. OH MY GOSH Dana!! That letter you wrote is OUTSTANDING! No wonder they responded. What a wonderful memory. You are something else! Good for you. What stories you will have to tell your children. Amazing wedding. Love the inside pictures. Didn’t get to see you two from that angle. Truly excellent.

  2. Truly THE MOST UNIQUE wedding EVER! You are amazing. Congrats to the captain and his co-pilot! May this be just the beginning of making magical memories on your journey as Mr. and Mrs.

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  4. Love Love LOVE it!!! 🙂 Congratulations!!! Welcome home Michael!!! (Tyler’s home now too!!!)

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