Honeymoon Trip Report: Day 2

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Somehow we slept for 10 hours and woke up at 8am. After getting dressed, we headed to breakfast. There is only one place to eat breakfast at the resort, but I’m not complaining- it was one of the largest breakfast buffets I have ever been to! There was a grill where you could get eggs, omelettes, and even crepes! The buffet had pancakes, French toast, bacon, sausage, potatoes, pancakes and these amazing baked tomatoes with Parmesan cheese. Then there was a fruit and yogurt bar, a smoothie bar with three different smoothies (my favorite was carrot, honey and orange juice) and finally a section with meats, cheeses, smoked salmon and pastries. Whew!
After breakfast we walked around and browsed the vendors that had set up around the pool area. We were later told that it was a national holiday (emancipation day) and that is why they were there. There was a man selling carved bird houses out of coconuts, women selling tshirts and jewelry made out of shells and coconuts, and a man selling wooden carved items. We finally settled on a carved plaque from that gentleman. He carved our name and year on it for us as well. I can’t wait to hang it up!
We still had 20 or so minutes to kill before the 11:00am welcome tour that we were asked to attend so we played a game of pool (of which I actually won, thankyouverymuch). Our tour afterward was quick and just showed us around the resort, explained the amenities and the restaurants.
Once we were done, we headed poolside to soak up our first rays and experience our first swim up bar (something I can definitely get used to! I am obsessed with their “paradise kiss” drink- coconut rum, coconut cream, pineapple and grenadine blended with ice. Yum!)
We didn’t stay at the pool too long because we were already ready for lunch. They ask that no wet bathing suits go in to eat so we took our food to go. It was the same buffet area as breakfast but with even more food (if you can imagine that!). I had grilled tuna, macaroni and cheese, jasmine rice, saltfish fritters, fried plantains, flatbread, a salad made out of avocado, tomato and feta and some mango wedges. Again- sooo good. I’m afraid to weigh myself to see how much I weigh.
We brought the food back to our room and set up our table and chairs on our patio so we could face the water while we ate. We won’t discuss the baby lizard that made its way up the table and sat next to my food….
Just as we were finishing up, a cat made its way onto our patio and began weaving in and out of our legs. There are cats all over the resort and from what we hear they are very friendly because everyone feeds them. Sure enough, as soon as I have her a piece of my tuna I had a new best friend. She started purring and eventually laid down next to us and napped. She stayed there most of the afternoon.
After lunch we headed to the watersports area and signed up for catamaran lessons. A catamaran is basically a floating platform with a sail. One of the instructors took us out into the blue waters and taught us how to steer and work it, and then let us out on our own. It was a pretty windy day so we picked up quite a bit of speed and it was awesome! When we were done, we relaxed on the beach and just listened to the sound of the waves crashing. While we laying there we watched some couples try waterskiing, and then water tubing. The tubing looked awesome so we went back over and signed up. You sit in a huge inner tube and they tow you behind a motor boat- it was awesome! We had so much fun we did it twice!
After our exciting afternoon, we headed back to our room to shower, nap and get ready for dinner. Our first “real” dinner was at Kelly’s Dockside- a restaurant on a pier sticking out in the ocean. You walk down a short pier to get to the restaurant, and once inside it was nothing like I had pictured it- it was very open and airy with vaulted ceilings and paddle fans slightly spinning. Each table faced the ocean for a beautiful sunset view. Mike had filet mignon with peppercorn sauce and I had pepper jack risotto and grilled tuna steak. My favorite item was my seafood bisque though- it was flavored with coconut cream and cognac. For dessert I had a chocolate cannoli and Mike had German chocolate cake.
After dinner we played two rounds of pool and relaxed by the fire pit with a glass of wine before heading back to the room to call it another early night.









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