Honeymoon Trip Report: Day 3

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Since I went to sleep before 10 the night before I was wide awake at 7. We had planned on getting up early and playing tennis before breakfast but we both decided to eat breakfast first and then go to the gym. Breakfast was amazing as usual, but I overate and was in no mood to work out afterward! We headed back to the room to relax and as we were watching tv I realized that we were no longer listening to just the ocean but pounding rain as well 😦 We’ve been here for two days now and knew well enough that the rain here doesn’t last long (and we’re talking 10 minutes tops) but this rain stuck around a bit longer. We headed out to our porch to watch the rain (and were greeted by our cat friend) and as soon as it cleared headed out to the beach for a walk. Our original intent was to go for a run on the beach but I got sidetracked by all the sea glass I was finding further down the beach, and Mike said he just wasn’t feeling it either, so we walked along the beach until we noticed another dark cloud.
This time we made our way to the pool tables and played a few games of pool until the sun came out and we could go relax by the pool.
We spent the morning relaxing at the pool until lunch, and then we headed to the lunch buffet.
After lunch we went to the lobby where we were told to meet our tour bus for our snorkeling excursion we had signed up for the day prior.
A bus took us about 15 minutes away to a site they had set up for snorkeling. When we got off the bus we were fitted for fins and then boarded a boat. We took a quick (5 minute) boat ride from the harbor out into the ocean. They stopped us at a little cove, handed out snorkeling vests and masks and showed us the best places to snorkel. We jumped into the ocean and began our adventure! There was a small open cave and we were told to swim behind it and come through it so that’s just what we did. The water was only about 10 feet deep but it was crystal blue and we could see all the way to the bottom! We saw black sea urchins, lots of tropical fish, some squid and I even saw a few sand dollars resting on the sea floor! Before I knew it, our half hour was up and we swam back to the boat to head back to the mainland.
The bus dropped us off back at our resort around 3:30, and we figured we would relax by the pool until it was time to get ready for dinner. Our plans were waylaid though when one of the recreation employees came over and convinced us to sign up for beach volleyball. Mike had mentioned wanting to play volleyball (plus we never did our workout that morning) so we signed up. They got enough people to play 6 on 6 and we played 3 games total- it was a lot of fun! Mike and I ended up on different teams and I am proud to say that my team won two out of three rounds. My arms are absolutely killing me though from all that bumping and serving! When the game was over, the rec director brought the guys a round of beer and the ladies a round of strawberry daiquiris. We took ours to the pool and enjoyed them before heading back to the room to get ready for dinner.
For dinner, we had reservations at Kimono, which is the Japanese steakhouse. It was a tiny little place with three hibachi grills, and we were lucky enough to get an early reservation. We were seated with 4 other couples who were all very nice- I met a fellow teacher, and the guys all struck up a conversation about who’s football team was the best (men!). Everyone exchanged stories on different excursions to try, and one couple was from a different resort and they convinced us to come see their resort tomorrow and check it out.
Dinner was japanese hibachi- we had miso egg drop soup and tempura vegetables for an appetizer and then the hibachi chef came out- he was sooo nice! He taught us how to make fried rice, explaining each step as he went along. He made basmati fried rice, stir fried veggies and then the main course- everyone got shrimp, mahi mahi, steak and chicken. It was all so amazing! For dessert, we were given a trio- strawberry cheesecake, pumpkin tart and a lemon custard heart.
After dinner we walked back through the lobby and played our usual few rounds of pool before sitting at the bar and talking to one of the couples we had met at dinner. They were the ones from the other resort, so after they left to get the shuttle back, we sat at the bar for a bit longer (and had the most amazing sangria) before heading back to the room.







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