Honeymoon Trip Report: Day 4

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The couple the night before convinced us to try out their resort (The Grande) and from what we heard, they had the best beach. There are three Sandals resorts on the island of St Lucia, all within a 15 minute shuttle ride, and you can use any amenities at any resort. So after breakfast, we packed up our bag, and waited for the shuttle to take us there. As soon as we arrived we noticed it was nothing like our small, cozy resort- this resort was huge, spacious and, well, grande. There were people everywhere (unlike our resort where we barely see anyone) and the beach was huge- white sand, crystal clear water (even more clear and more blue than the water at our hotel) and two huge pools- one with a dj. We walked around for a bit and familiarized ourselves with the layout and then found a tiki hut to lay under. I read for a bit, but then the water was calling so we went in and floated around. We dragged ourselves out long enough for a lunch at their beachfront barefoot cafe (hummus and jerk chicken for me- nachos and a cheddar jerk hot dog for Mike- along with a “yellow bird” drink for Mike and a “no pressure, no problem” drink for me- a red, white and blue drink made of a strawberry daiquiri, piña colada and blue curaçao) and then immediately headed back to the beach. The best part about the Grande is that out in their ocean they have 8 floating rafts that are anchored about 20 yards off the coast, and as we were walking back, I noticed that one was free, so I dropped my bag off at my towel and swam out to the raft. Mike joined me a few minutes later and we laid out there until the rain came about an hour later. We waited out the rain under our hut, and then headed back to the bus to go back to our hotel.
We kept it easy once back at our hotel- sat on the edge of the hot tub (it was too hot to go in!) and talked to two other guests, then sat at the pool bar and enjoyed some drinks while we met two other couples. We got out of the pool as they started the pool volleyball tournament and played some table tennis and pool before heading back to shower and get ready for dinner.
Before dinner we went to Soy, a sushi bar where I got some sushi “appetizers” before dinner. I tried the spicy tuna roll, tempura shrimp roll and tamago sushi- it was all amazing! Afterward we headed to dinner- tonight we went to the “fancy restaurant”- Mario’s, an Italian restaurant. When we walked in there was a huge antipasto buffet- my kind of restaurant! After we ordered (pasta bolognese for Mike and grilled salmon for me), we headed to the antipasto bar- there was a make your own caesar salad, marinated seafood, shrimp, a huge plate of cheese and crackers (with the best goat cheese I have ever had!) fruit, assorted meats like capicola and prosciutto, marinated and grilled peppers, 9 different types of infused olive oils, and more. The buffet was my favorite part of dinner, but my salmon was delicious too. All that food combined with my sushi appetizer meant I was filling up fast so we shared our tiramisu dessert.
We barely rolled ourselves out of dinner and found it was raining, so we hung out in the covered balcony above the bar and listened to the music and the rain fall. When the rain subsided, we headed back to our room with hopes of changing and hanging out at the coffee bar, but sleeplessness got the best of us and we ended up playing poker and watching tv until we fell asleep.



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