Honeymoon Trip Report: Day 5

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Even though we were in bed by 8pm the night before, somehow we managed to sleep in until 8am. We finally managed to drag our lazy butts out of bed and to breakfast around 8:30.
After breakfast we digested on the porch for a little while (and hung out with our cat friend who I named “Lucy”), and then went to the water sports area to get a kayak. We kayaked out in the ocean for about a half an hour (until our arms felt like jelly!) and then since its never to early to start drinking, went over to the pool bar. (I’m just kidding- it wasn’t even 11am yet- iced tea it was for us both!). As we were drinking our tea, they were setting up a golf putting contest on the pool deck, so we went and signed up. They pitted the girls against the guys and somehow, the girls won! By now it was time to start drinking, so we got our drinks and hung out at the pool bar. We ended up talking with one of the bartenders who is there on his internship, and with the entertainment director who ran our volleyball game the other day and our golf game today. He asked me to suggest what to drink so I told him to get a “beach peach” (cranberry juice, peach schnapps and sprite) and he ended up loving it. As we were talking we decided to “doll up” the drink and asked the bartender to add some grenadine and vodka. We named our creation the “I’m screwed” because the amount of sugar and alcohol.
I was feeling a bit screwed so we laid down by the pool for a bit. I don’t sit still very long so I ended up in the pool after not long- and I stayed in for almost two hours.
I finally dragged myself out of the pool long enough for lunch, and after lunch we played shuffle board. We had sort of made up our own rules, until the entertainment director came by and gave us some lessons – I had been losing up until then, but once we got the low down, I won two games in a row.
By now it was 3:30 and time for the daily beach volleyball game. I sat today’s game out because my arms still hurt from the other day, so Mike played and I photographed him.
After beach volleyball comes pool volleyball, and that we both participated in. We played three rounds and then hung out in the pool and hot tub until it was time to go get ready for dinner.
We had a late reservation for a fancy French restaurant at the third Sandals hotel on the island, La Toc, so we took the shuttle to that hotel. We arrived with some time to spare before our reservation so we walked around their hotel before heading to the restaurant. Dinner was good- they had lots of little courses- my favorite was the crab cake appetizer and the French onion soup. We both loved the dessert I got- chocolate cake, chocolate mousse and chocolate ganache all served in a chocolate cylinder. Mmmmm!
After dinner there was still an hour until the shuttle came back so we got some drinks from the bar, listened to the entertainment, and played some pool before heading back to our hotel for the night.





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