Honeymoon Trip Report: Day 6

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We attempted to get up early for breakfast so that we could workout before hand but that turned into Mike sleeping in and me taking my cameras for a walk along the beach and around the grounds to get some pictures. The sky has been fairly hazy every day, but today we woke up to bright blue skies and puffy clouds, so it was perfect conditions for picture taking! I walked around for a about an hour and met back up with Mike at 9 to head to breakfast.
Right after breakfast I signed myself up for water skiing lessons at the water sports area. I had been watching other people do it all week and they made it seem fairly easy. My lesson consisted of practicing on dry land before heading into the ocean. I should have known I was in for it when I could barely get my skis on. I finally managed to get myself situated and the speed boat slowly took off- I never fully got myself to a standing position, but instead hovered with my butt almost touching the water. This position meant that I was spouting up several gallons of water- most of it going up my nose and in my mouth. After swallowing a ton of salt water I eventually gave up and let go of the rope. The speed boat came back and the instructor gave me some pointers and I tried again- 3 more times- I never managed to stand up, and by this time I was feeling fatigued so I called it quits and swam back to shore.
I didn’t stay on shore for long though- next I decided to give paddle boarding a try (it’s basically a surf board you stand on and paddle). I guess my legs were just too exhausted because I spent most of my time sitting on my knees- I only stood up for a minute or so.
After that I was exhausted, so we found some chairs on the beach and I spent the rest of the morning gently rocking on the waves in the ocean.
We had a late lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon reading by the quiet pool. All this sun must have gotten the best of us because less than 3 hours after we had lunch we were hungry again, so we went to the beach bar where they have a nacho bar set up (with chips, cheese, jalapeños, guacamole, salsa, and sour cream) they also have a fruit and pastry bar, but who wants fruit when there is nachos!
We were definitely getting hit by the heat today so we were on our way back to our room for a nap when I noticed that they were doing the tubing again in the water sports area. I suddenly felt better and we dropped our stuff off and ran to the tubing area to sign up – we got the last run of the day and it was a perfect way to end our honeymoon.
Once I get in the ocean it’s tough to get me out, so after the tube run, we hung out in the ocean a bit longer before heading back to the room for a shower and nap.
Last week when we checked in we were told that we had a perfect view of the sunset right from our room- unfortunately in our 6 nights here we had yet to see one sunset- either it was hazy or the clouds rolled in and we missed it. Tonight, however the sky was clear and we were finally able to watch the sun set- I of course took a bunch of pictures.
Right from the beach we headed to dinner. We only had one more place we hadn’t tried at our resort yet- The Bayside. The Bayside is where we have our buffet breakfast and lunch every day (it’s the only place that serves breakfast and lunch) but we had never tried it for dinner. We picked the perfect night too- they were having a theme night- BBQ, plus there was a Caribbean steel drum band playing on the pool stage. We got seated outside under the stars, with a front row seat to watch the band. It was a perfect last dinner for vacation.
After dinner we went and did some shopping because we both wanted to get a shirt, and then we secured a spot by the pool to watch some fire dancers/eaters that were performing that night. The performers were amazing- there were two woman and one man- the woman danced with fire, all three limbo-ed with fire, and the finale was the guy eating and breathing fire- it was awesome! When the fire dancers were done, they had a dj come in and do a dance party that lasted until well after we called it a night!








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