Honeymoon Trip Report: Day 7

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Today was our last day 😦
We got up early for breakfast, but stopped for a quick picture at the lifesize chess board. During breakfast, I got up to use the ladies room and on the way back noticed that there was a rainbow over the ocean (it was one of those St Lucia “sun storms”). I ran into the restaurant, grabbed my camera and ran back outside leaving my dazed husband eating alone inside. It was worth it though to get great pictures of a rainbow over turquoise seas!
After breakfast we headed back to the room to pack up and then check out. Our shuttle to take us back to the airport wasn’t due until 11, and we had an hour to kill, so we went to the beachfront bistro for a snack because we knew it would be awhile until we could eat again. Even though it was 10am, I’m not ashamed to say that we had one last drink- I needed one more Paradise Kiss before we left.
We finished up our lunch (and drinks!) and headed up front to wait for the shuttle. The shuttle may have been an adventure on our first day when we were excited to get there, but on the way home it was decidedly less fun- not to mention we got stuck in the back row and I got sort of car sick. Yuck. Either way, we arrived at the airport safe and sound, checked in, went though security and to the waiting room (the airport is so small, all gates wait in the same area). At one point, they called my name over the loudspeaker, and I had to report to our gate- turns out they randomly select a few passengers a day for a comprehensive check, and I was it. Besides scaring me initially, it wasn’t anything major. Afterward, we boarded and had two uneventful flights home. We finally arrived back to my house around 3am and immediately went to bed dreaming of blue waters and ocean waves.






One thought on “Honeymoon Trip Report: Day 7

  1. I love the life size chess board! Great capture of the rainbow. What a wonderful honeymoon!

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