Pig Out In the Park

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Tonight, Mike and I went to a huge annual foodie festival they have in downtown Spokane called “Pig Out In The Park”. It’s a 6 day festival filled with food, music and vendors. There are three stages set up with a number of bands performing throughout the week, along with nearly 50 food vendors set up in tents, trucks or carts. The place was jam packed with people, but more importantly smells of all sorts of delicious food! There was deep fried whatever-you-could-think-of (twinkies, oreos, snickers bars, reeces peanut butter cups, cheesecake and more) ice cream, funnel cake, root beer floats and other normal fair type food– then there was the garlic truck (which smelled heavenly), bacon wrapped hot dogs, chocolate dipped cheesecake on a stick, elephant ears, gyros, several steakhouses, and so much more. There was so much food we decided we’re going to go back on Sunday for round 2. In the meantime, here are a few pics from the night:
A row of caramel apples ready to go!

I loved this food truck that looked like a log cabin!

Not the best picture, but I just loved all the cheesecakes on a stick all lined up!

More deliciousness

What we ended up trying- homemade Italian sausage sandwiches. Let me tell you- it was amazing!


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