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Today, my husband and I adopted a new puppy…meet Gunner!
We actually went out looking to adopt a kitten, but when we saw him in the shelter, we knew it was meant to be.
I’m not exactly what you would call a “dog person” – I prefer the company of cats, but I do love all pets. I’m not a huge fan of dogs who jump on you or who lick you, so when we were walking through the shelter to get to the cat room and among all these dogs who were jumping in their cages and barking loudly and saw this little guy, we had to stop and take a second look. He was sitting quietly, slightly shaking, and not making a peep. We looked at his paperwork and I noticed that it said “no licks, but loves to hug!” and I jokingly said that he would be the perfect dog for me. We talked to him for a few minutes then moved on. After we looked through the cat room we went back over to this puppy. We waited for a volunteer to come over to assist us in taking him out, and while we waited, I noticed there was a leash and collar hooked to the outside of his cage. I went over and turned over the tag on the collar and noticed that it said “Gunnar”… the name my husband has always wanted to name a dog if we got one. I pointed this out to him and we knew this dog was meant to be. Long story short, we took him out and played with him for a bit, and within an hour, he was in our car ready to go home with us. We did change the spelling of his name to Gunner with an e rather than an a, and so far he seems to be enjoying his new home!



One thought on “Gunner

  1. He is so adorable! Congratulations again and I just love that story. He sounds like the perfect cat-dog for you and I know you will grow to love him more and more every day. Such a lucky little puppy. You made such a good decision for yourselves and for Gunner. It would have been impossible to walk away from him I am sure.

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