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Happy Halloween!

I know today is Halloween, but we’re just getting around to carving our pumpkin now! We decided to go a little less traditional- not only did we not really do a Halloween design, we carved our pumpkin laying down rather than standing up. But- it does go along with our Halloween Costumes! (See this post for our costumes!)



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Guess What Day It Is?

Guess what day it is? Guess. What. Day. It. Is. Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike…. Hump Day! Woop woop!
My husband is obsessed with this Geico commercial. Every Wednesday morning I’m greeted with a “Guess What Day It Is?” before my eyes even open, and a few weeks ago, he jokingly said that we should go as the camel from the commercial for Halloween. I took his idea and ran with it and made this costume! You can’t see it in this picture, but there is a hump and tail on my back as well.
photo 2-2

The head is what took me the longest- I didn’t have a pattern- I just wung it!
photo 1-2

He got off easy, costume-wise. We designed him a T-shirt with a camel that said “guess what day it is” and I made a Geico label that we attached to a baseball hat. But- we were a hit at our favorite bar’s Trivia Night/Halloween Contest!
1photo 5-2

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Recycled Book Pumpkin

Last week, my mom came home with a stack of books and some orange spray paint- and she’s just like me- with her you never know! Turns out she had a Halloween themed craft in mind- turning old books into pumpkins. It was something she had seen them do at the teen group at her library branch. It took forever to cut through all the pages of the book, but it was so worth it in the end- look how cute!
Full directions are up on my other blog here.

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Point Pleasant

For our last day in NJ, we met my family in Point Pleasant. We went to go see the new sandcastle that they’re building for Hurricane Sandy relief- the last one fell just shy of the Guinness Book Record, and this new one is set to become the new record holder on Tuesday.



Before we went to the beach and boardwalk, we walked around the downtown area and got to try chocolate covered bacon… I’ll just leave you with a picture of that and let you form your own opinions on how it tastes:



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Wedding Bells Are Ringing

The main reason Mike and I came home to visit was to go to a friends wedding- and what a beautiful wedding it was!
I am shooting another friends wedding this spring, so I used today as a “practice” for her wedding, and I was pretty excited with the shots that I got!
Mike and I:
The happy couple (shot with a Lensbaby Lens)

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Atlantic City

One thing that Mike always wants to do when we visit NJ is to head to AC- and this trip we finally got to do so!
We didn’t do any gambling, just walked on the boardwalk, through some shops and met up with some friends for some drinks and karaoke.
I did get to see the new AC lights show that they project onto the side of the Convention Center- it was really awesome!