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In the days after Hurricane Sandy, all I kept thinking was how I wished I had more pictures of the boardwalk in Seaside. Although Phriend and I visited a few times afterwards with cameras in hand, it’ll never be the same. I thought I had enough pictures, until a few weeks ago when the south end of the boardwalk burned down. While much of the boardwalk was able to be repaired after Sandy, the south end was burnt completely down with nothing remaining but a pile of blackened debris. While I was home visiting, I decided that I was going to walk the boardwalk one more time and photograph all the little details that make the boardwalk the boardwalk. While I am sure that they will rebuild the southern end of the boardwalk, it’ll never have the same charm that it once did- all the old signs, game stands and stores will be newer and shiner– it’s that old charm that I love about the boardwalk.
I plan on making a series of these pictures of the signs that I took today, and I’ll share them another day when the series is done, but for now, here’s two before and after collages I made in honor of the one year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy coming up next week. While a lot of rebuilding has been done, there’s still so much more to go.




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