Pendleton Woolen Mills

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When I found out my husband and I were spending the weekend in Pendleton, and I would be own my own while he played in poker tournaments, I began looking up things to do. One thing that kept coming up was taking a tour of the Pendleton Woolen Mills. I thought the name sounded familiar, but once I saw that tours were not offered on the weekends, I dismissed the idea.
But… then my mom found out where I was and went off on how it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit the factory and store and purchase an original piece for myself, so this morning, I stopped in. It was definitely a very colorful store, and I fell in love with the room full of warm blankets. I did take a peek into the factory, and after seeing the huge looms and giant spools of thread, I know I must come back someday to go to the factory. We ended up purchasing a wool blanket for ourselves, and I bought a few yards of authentic Pendleton fabric (I think I’m going to make a jacket from it) and a bag of salvages to crochet into a rag rug.







One thought on “Pendleton Woolen Mills

  1. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! Looking forward to seeing the jacket when you finish. I am sure you were in craft heaven.

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