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Downtown Spokane

For our first full day, I took my aunt downtown to show her around the downtown area and Riverfront Park – I’ve never seen Riverfront park blanketed in snow, and I definitely think it makes it look more magical!

From the top of the parking garage

Both of us in front of the famous wagon

Clocktower (decked out to celebrate Seahawks 12th man!)

Spokane falls


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Hover Dog!

I can’t believe we live in Washington and we haven’t seen snow in a month… crazy! We finally got a small storm last night, so I took the dog out into the dog park to play in the snow- I swear he seems to run faster when he has snow to romp in. I somehow caught this shot with all four paws off the ground- looks like he’s hovering!


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Deployment Homecoming







I’ve done lots of photoshoots over the past few years, and I’ve taken pictures that really catch my breath or bring a tear to a parents eye, but none compare to the emotions felt today- I got to do my first military deployment homecoming photo shoot. I’ll spare you all the details leading up to it, but when that plane touches down, I’m not sure how the families and friends waiting can contain their excitement! Even though it was below freezing and snowing, everyone stood out on the flight line chatting eagerly and clutching their tissues. I can’t imagine how much children and babies change during a deployment and seeing this daddy hold his little girl for the first time in months was just so touching.

Waiting and looking out the window


“Let him off the plane!”

Awww…love’s first embrace




Seeing his baby girl for the first time in months


1DSC_5920 copy







This last one is one of my favorites 🙂


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I’ve been keeping real busy adding new items to my Etsy shop- two new today- the first is a long distance relationship keychain and the second is something I’m really excited about- a Child ID necklace – from the front it looks like a normal necklace and on the back is hidden a parents phone number in case they get lost or separated!