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Pen Making Class

Before my husband even left on his deployment, I signed up for a pen making class in the wood craft center on base- I knew it would be something we could look forward to doing when he returned. Tonight we took the class and it was so much fun! We picked a block of wood, and from that block of wood, we used various tools, including a lathe to turn it into a pen – it was amazing to see it turn into a pen in a matter of a few hours.
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No words are needed today- I’m sure you can understand how elated I am to have my husband home from his deployment!

For a little peak into our homecoming, check out this link to our local news station- they captured our first embrace on camera and did a quick interview of my husband afterward – I’m so proud of him!
Click here to read/watch it!

It was so cold!




Me running towards him








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Etsy – Long Distance Relationship / Military Jewelry

I know I’ve said it a thousand times before, but I’m going to say it again- I just love my Etsy shop, and I love how everyday experiences contribute to new items in my shop- I hope my passion for my items shows through to my customers!

Three new items this week- with my husband being gone, I created two items with the “keep my soldier safe” theme- a necklace and a keychain, and both contain the coordinates – a recurring theme in the most popular items in my shop!

All of these items (and many more!) can be found in my Etsy shop here




And last, a necklace that combines my “One Day Closer” necklace along with a set of coordinates.