Pen Making Class

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Before my husband even left on his deployment, I signed up for a pen making class in the wood craft center on base- I knew it would be something we could look forward to doing when he returned. Tonight we took the class and it was so much fun! We picked a block of wood, and from that block of wood, we used various tools, including a lathe to turn it into a pen – it was amazing to see it turn into a pen in a matter of a few hours.
1DSC00250 1DSC00272 1DSC00268 1DSC00292


One thought on “Pen Making Class

  1. Hi Dana! I found you through the link-up at Click It Up a Notch… your photos are great!! My husband and I are building a website we hope will be really helpful for people doing photo challenges. It seems like you’ve been really successful, so I wondered what would be your best advice to someone struggling to complete a Project 365 or a similar challenge? Thanks!

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