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My husband and I are going to a group barbecue with the other members of his class tonight, and I said I’d bring dessert. Problem is, we don’t have an oven in our hotel room, so our dessert had to be no-bake.  To see what I did with these strawberries, check out my other blog here



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Camera Zentangle

I’ve shared quite a few of my Zentangle creations on my blog, but today’s is by far my favorite- I made a Zentangle camera!


I loved the design so much, I digitized it and turned it into cell phone / tablet cases and a pillow!
Click here to see/purchase it!


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Nashville Day 2

Before we headed home today, we got tickets to take a backstage tour of the Grand Ole Opry.  For two county lovers like ourselves, the tour was great. We got to hear the history behind the Grand Ole Opry and learn so many little known facts. They also took us through the different intricately themed dressing rooms and finally out on the stage where we got to stand in the famous circle where all the artists perform from.

1DSC01620 1DSC01649 1DSC01668 1DSC01672

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This weekends trip has us visiting Nashville!  It is such an interesting town – right in the middle of the very industrial-looking downtown is a little two block stretch of vintage honky-tonk.  Pictures cannot do this place justice! The vibe, the energy, and the sounds (of all the singers playing in the bars) that floats through the street can’t be captured in a photograph.

After spending the day walking around Broadway, we headed over to the Grand Ole Opry and Opryland Hotel.  We weren’t able to get tickets for the Grand Ole Opry, but we did spend a few hours walking around the Opryland Hotel, which, again, just cannot be captured in a photograph!

1DSC01533 1DSC01471 1DSC01571 1DSC01579 1DSC01604