New Orleans/Biloxi/Happy Easter!

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A bit of a hodge podge today!  We started off the day by heading to the New Orleans city park in hopes of walking around the sculpture garden, but found out it was closed for the day because it is Easter Sunday. I did sneak a few quick pictures of the giant safety pin sculpture (the whole reason for wanting to go).

After we left New Orleans, my husband surprised me by getting off the exit right next to the decrepit Six Flags New Orleans. The park was destroyed and abandoned after Hurricane Katrina, and he knows one of my life goals is to photograph an abandoned theme park.  Obviously we didn’t go in, but it was still awesome to see it from the outside – definitely like a scene out of “Life After People”.  Maybe one day I’ll get to go in 😉

And, last but not least, we also made a little detour after lunch to make a stop in Biloxi to walk on the beach.  We’re heading back there in a few weeks, so we didn’t spend too much time, but it was a nice detour for this Easter Sunday.


1DSC01360 1DSC01369 1DSC01377 1DSC01410


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