Project 365/52

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Well hello there old friend.
2011 saw the year of my first project 365, which I managed to keep going for 2 years through the end of 2012. It can be found on my old blog, Snapshots of Time. Towards the end of 2012, I ran out of space on that blog, so I moved here to this blog.

I kept my picture a day going strong through 2013, and for the first half of 2014, and then… well.. I guess life happened. The first half of 2014 saw me going through my husbands deployment (with Flat Mike if you recall!), and as soon as he came home, we packed up and drove cross country to live in Alabama for a few months while he completed his training. While there, we traveled extensively in the south, and I managed to keep up with the blog up until we drove back to Washington. We took a 2.5 week drive back home, and saw so many great sights including Vegas and Disneyland. I have yet to edit pictures from that drive home, hence why I never caught up on my blog! As soon as we got back to Washington, we were in overdrive getting our house ready to pack because in July we moved to Texas! The rest of the summer and fall have been such a blur!

I’m pretty sure I still have a picture a day for the remainder of 2014, but it’ll take awhile before its all updated. So for 2015, I’m resolving to jump back on the bandwagon, except this year, I’m doing it a bit differently. While I’m still taking a photo a day, I’m only going to post them on a weekly basis, hence the 365/52 project. I look forward to following old friends and new in 2015 – the 5th year of taking a photo a day! I plan on posting the weeks events every weekend, so here we goooooo!

Week 1: January 1-4

January 1st:
Happy New Year! We just got home after a loooong 2 day drive from NJ to TX, so our New Years Day was pretty low key. We unpacked, cleaned up… and played a lot of our new favorite game, Rummikub!
January 2nd:
I got a new embroidery machine on Black Friday, and with the holidays over, I’m starting to stitch out some designs for myself. This sketch camera is one of my favorite designs, and I finally found the perfect shirt to put it on!
January 3rd:
It’s a full moon tonight! This could explain the dogs crazy behavior lately! We also haven’t seen a clear sky in days, so just seeing a moon so full and bright was amazing!
January 4th:
The weather in Texas is a bit drunk- we’re in a deep freeze so cold that it froze our pool overnight! There is at least 2 inches of ice on the top of our pool! It was also pretty windy last night, so the pool froze with a very pretty ripply pattern to the surface.


One thought on “Project 365/52

  1. Welcome back! I am still going strong on my blog (hope to see you there), although I might be running out of space soon. My mother’s favorite game is Rummikub. We played it with her on New Year’s Day. I think it keeps her mind strong at 82. I had better start playing more often!

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