Week 2 – 1.5.14 – 1.11.14

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January 5th
How am I supposed to get any work done with this adorable face staring back at me? (Cell phone shot – I’ve been sick!)

IMG_5448 IMG_5454

January 6th
Lately, I feel like the only pictures I take are of my two fur-babies, so I’m going to make a cognizant effort to break out of my rut. But sometimes, they’re just so darn cute that I have to post one! Here’s Jersey in a (very) rare quite moment.

January 7th
I made some of these embroidered felt paper dolls as a gift, and now I can’t stop – they’re so adorable! (And they’re for sale- contact me through Etsy  if you are interested in purchasing!)


January 8th
The next step in my embroidery journey is learning how to use a computer program to merge designs together to create the look that I want. I practiced today by making this design to stitch onto Jersey’s dog coat, and I couldn’t be more excited with how it came out! (Cell phone shot)


January 9th
My husband was home sick today, so we kept it low key most of the day, and tonight, he taught me how to play chess!
January 10th
There’s nothing like a relaxing Saturday morning breakfast at Cracker Barrel, and we had a prime seat – right by the crackling fire!


January 11th
We now live in Texas, and it has been so cold down here lately that the waterfall in our town has been freezing!






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