Week 3 – 1.12.15 – 1.18.15

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January 12
I’m so excited to release this new item in my Etsy shop. When I first started my shop, I set out to make military support jewelry and accessories, and while they serve many purposes to many different people, a good majority of my sales still go towards military families, with a lot of them going to deployed soldiers. This little pocket pillow is the perfect gift packaging for one of my metal stamped items, and maybe even a few little love notes tucked in! I can see these being the perfect addition to any care package.

January 13
I’m still on an Etsy kick – a few new items added today, including this math necklace! If you solve for “i”, you’ll see that the answer is i ❤ u




January 14
Gunner somehow hurt his paw – he must have cut the pad of skin on the back of his leg, and wouldn’t stop licking it, so we wrapped it up, ace-bandage style. He must have known that the bandage meant he was “injured”, and he milked his injured state for all it was worth today- giving me sad faces and whimpers and the softie in me let him get away with whatever he wanted, including sleeping on the guest bed.

January 15

When we first moved into our house back in August, I planted a garden, even though I knew it was late in the season. Well, here it is, Mid-January, and my broccoli is just now sprouting – I love the warm Texas winter!  I’ve also never grown broccoli before either, but my husband suggested it since it’s his favorite vegetable. It’s really interesting to see how it grows.

DSC_2045 DSC_2049


January 16

The weather is finally starting to warm up (50’s and 60’s!), so today I had all the doors and windows open. Gunner found the one sunny spot and called it a day.


January 17
Today we went to a friend’s daughter’s birthday party – most 5 year olds are Frozen obsessed, and this one is no different! I made her this Elsa cake to celebrate her big day.


January 18
We’ve lived in Texas for 6 months now and have yet to really visit Dallas! We’ve driven through it and past it, but haven’t had a chance to really explore the area, and today we finally got the chance!  We ate lunch and walked around the Bishop Arts district, which had tons of really cute little shops and restaurants, and then we went downtown where we went to Thanks-Giving Square to see the spiral chapel with its spiraled stained glass ceiling.  Afterwards, we went to the Grassy Knoll, the memorial to the place where JFK was assassinated.  You can see they have marked the spot on the ground with a white X.

1DSC_2240 1DSC_2263_4_5_tonemapped


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