Week 4 – 1.19.15 – 1.25.15

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January 19

I think this is literally the only picture I took for the day! After our busy and fun weekend, we slept in, and then took the dogs on a trip to Lowes to pick up some items.


January 20

A bonus to getting up with my husband before the sun rises? Sometimes you’re treated to amazing sunrises like this!

1DSC_2306_7_8_fused 1DSC_2318_19_20_fused copy


January 21

A few months ago, my mom sent me a picture of the most amazing loaf of bread, and considering we cannot get any good bread down here in Texas, I knew I had to have the recipe. While we were home for Christmas, she showed me her ways, and even got us our own kitchen scale (needed for weighing the ingredients – more accurate then measuring), and cast iron pot to cook it in.  Today I attempted it – the recipe is so exacting that you even have to take the dough’s temperature to make sure it is progressing nicely!  The bread had to be attended to all day long (about once an hour), but it was so worth it when it finally came out of the oven!



January 22

I just love this new embroidered felt racetrack I made today!


January 23

Just a quick cell shot today – Gunner’s favorite thing to do is run up and down the fence with the dog next door (on the other side of the fence) – he’s been doing it so much lately, he’s worn a rut in the grass!


January 24

Today we took the dogs hiking in the Wichita Wildlife Refuge in southern Oklahoma.  After having been to Glacier National Park, we knew that nothing would compare as far as hikes go, but it was still a fun day.  We ended up seeing lots of longhorn cattle, tons of prairie dogs and even a few bison!  This was my favorite shot of the day:

1DSC_2527_8_9_fused copy

January 25

My husband and I made a pact this year to get in better shape, but since we both got sick right after the New Year, our resolution started today with a brutal workout courtesy of the program P90X



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