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Week 6: 2.2.15 – 2.8.15

February 2

A few weeks ago, I showed off our broccoli plant. Well, yesterday, we decided it was time to harvest it and have it for dinner! We may have waited a few too many days to pick it because it had started to flower, but it still tasted delicious!


February 3

I added a few new items to my shop! My best selling phrase is “One Day At A Time”, and it’s now featured on my favorite rectangle pendant:
Purchase here: One Day At A Time

I’ve had the idea for this one for a long time, and just never made it!

Purchase here:I Raised A Hero


And last, this one can be customized with the names of your children or grand children.

Purchase here: For This Child, I Have Prayed or God Gave Me You


February 4

Eh- not the best picture, but we’ve been having these gorgeous birds come visit our back yard- there’s 2 or 3 blue jays and a few robins. I’ve been keeping my camera by the back door trying to capture a shot, but they always fly away by the time I sneak outside.  This bird (I think its a lovebird), was just chilling in the tree this morning as the sun was coming up and I managed to snap a few sub-par pics of him before he flew away.


February 5

This might not look like much, but its a big deal to me!  All three drain plugs in the sinks in our house are broken… and have been broken since November.  After waiting months for my husband to figure it out, I got out out the tools myself and using a YouTube video made the repairs myself. It took me way longer than in probably should have, but at least I did it by myself!


February 6

I just love the newest non paper doll listed in my Etsy shop! She is of course inspired by Ariel from The Little Mermaid.


February 7

We have been having the most gorgeous weather – with a high of nearly 80* today, we spent the day outside, including grilling our dinner outside – such a summer-like day called for ending it with a round of mini golf!


10014585_658140275259_5961593055765474421_n 1DSC04422

February 8

Someone once told me that every time they move, they take a picture when they first arrive and when they leave at a landmark within their town to show how much they’ve changed. I loved the idea, and even though we were only in Spokane for 2 years, I did it there.  It has been so hectic since we moved to Texas that we just got around to taking our “welcome” shot here by the falls.

1DSC_2677 1DSC_2705_6_7_fused copy2


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Week 5: 1.26.15 – 2.1.15

January 26
She’s a true “Jersey Girl”


January 27
I may complain about having to live in Texas, but when it’s nearly 80* out in January, I have no complaints!


January 28
I love it!


January 29
Today is my great-uncle’s 95th birthday (!!!) – here is the birthday card that I made for him:


January 30
This starter set of my felt paper dolls is going out to one lucky little girl today!


January 31
It’s a rainy, crappy day today – what better way to spend it than by sewing! I cannot wait to use this anchor denim fabric I bought a few weeks ago!


February 1
Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Go sports 🙂
I’m only here for the food, and for the occasional commercial.