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Happy Mothers Day!

Alex and Ani is a popular line of charm bracelets, and a few months ago, my mom had mentioned wanting one. So a few weeks ago I went on the website to pick one out for her for Mother’s Day. I was searching through all the beautiful designs when I came across the travel section which featured several popular destinations– I was over the moon when I discovered there was a Jersey Girl one! (Not every state was represented, so this made it even more special). I sent it to my sister and she agreed that we should get three- one for each of us. So happy Mother’s Day to my mom- even though we’re far apart, we have our Jersey Girl bracelets to keep us together!



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Destin – Day 2

Our second day in Destin started out cloudy, but after we had breakfast (and called our mothers for mothers day!), it started to clear a little, so we packed up the car and headed to the beach, and boy am I glad we did– the sky cleared and we got the most glorious beach day!



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Destin, FL

Our last weekend in Alabama was spent with friends down in Destin, Florida. The sunshine state was lacking in sunshine when we got there, so we visited the beach really quickly, and then did some sightseeing around town.


For dinner, we went to this adorable little town that looked like the quintessential French Quarter.


And after spending the evening catching up with friends, we headed out to the lake to light some sky lanterns.

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I’m Just Sitting Out Here….Watching Airplanes…

I absolutely hate that song by Chris Young, but it couldn’t be more fitting for today! I went to take our car for an oil change before our big trip back home next week, and the auto shop was right next to the flight line. The base must have been doing some training because one airplane after another was taking off- it was kind of cool to see them so up close! They look so big right when they take off!

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Buttery Biscuits

We decided we needed to go to one more Montgomery Biscuits baseball game before we left, and tonight couldn’t be a more beautiful night to do so!
We got there fairly early, and since we were one of the few sitting in the stands before the game, two representatives from the team came over and asked if we wanted to participate in a mid-inning game, a dance off. I’m game for anything, so I signed up, and my husband said he’d stay behind and be the photographer.